4 Layer Industrial Control Equipment Rigid Flex PCB

4 Layer Industrial Control Equipment Rigid Flex PCB

Technical requirements
Product type Multi Layer Rigid Flex Circuit Boards
Number of layer 4 Layers
Line width and line spacing 0.2/0.25mm
Board thickness 1.6mm
Copper Thickness 35um
Minimum Aperture 0.3mm
Flame Retardant 94V0
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold
Solder Mask Color Green
Stiffness /
Application Industry Control
Application Device Industrial Equipment
Introducing our 4-layer rigid-flex circuit board: revolutionizing industrial control of industrial equipment
Introducing our 4-layer rigid-flex circuit board: revolutionizing industrial control of industrial equipment

Introducing our 4-layer rigid-flex circuit board: revolutionizing industrial control of industrial equipment

In the fast-paced world of industrial equipment, where accuracy and reliability are paramount, having high-quality circuit boards is crucial. That's why we're proud to introduce our cutting-edge 4-layer rigid-flex circuit board. Our circuit boards are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industrial equipment sector, providing unparalleled technical support for industrial control applications.

Our multi-layer PCB manufacturing services ensure that our boards are manufactured with the highest precision and reliability. With our state-of-the-art flex circuit manufacturing capabilities, we can provide custom PCB boards that meet the unique requirements of your industrial equipment. Whether you need fast, low-cost PCB prototyping or fast-turnaround PCB assembly, we have you covered.

One of the key features of our boards is the impressive 0.2/0.25 mm line width and spacing. This often requires complex circuits in the field of industrial equipment. Additionally, our 1.6mm board thickness provides the necessary ruggedness and durability to withstand the harsh environments these boards are used in.

To ensure the highest quality, we use copper with a thickness of 35um. This provides excellent electrical conductivity and heat dissipation, which is critical for industrial equipment applications. In addition, our minimum aperture diameter of 0.3 mm allows for precise component placement, helping to improve the overall performance and reliability of the board.

When it comes to safety, our boards lead the way. They have a flame retardant rating of 94V0, providing excellent fire protection. This is critical in industrial environments where safety is a top priority.

In order to improve the performance and service life of the circuit board, we use immersion gold as the surface treatment. This provides a protective layer that not only prevents oxidation but also ensures excellent solderability. Additionally, the green resistance soldering color adds professionalism and visual appeal to our boards.

Our 4-layer rigid-flex circuit boards are widely used in the field of industrial equipment, providing technical support for various industrial control equipment. Whether it's a control panel, automated machinery or monitoring system, our circuit boards ensure smooth and efficient operation.

At Shenzhen Capel Technology Co., Ltd.,we understand the challenges facing the industrial equipment industry and are committed to delivering powerful solutions. With our superior 4-layer rigid-flex circuit boards, we provide the technical support needed to revolutionize the industrial control landscape. Trust our expertise and experience to meet your specific requirements and take your industrial equipment to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

In short, our 4-layer rigid-flex circuit board provides a comprehensive solution for industrial equipment industry control. With advanced technical support, customizable options and superior reliability, these boards are set to revolutionize the industry. When it comes to industrial equipment, don't compromise on quality and performance. Choose our 4-layer rigid flex circuit boards and experience the difference.

Post time: Sep-09-2023
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