Advanced 15m Ultra-long Flexible PCB Circuit Board for Aerospace

Advanced 15m Ultra-long Flexible PCB Circuit Board for Aerospace-Case

A 15-Meter-Long Flexible PCBs Applicated in Aerospace
Capel warmly welcome Dr. Li Yongkai and Dr. Wang Ruoqin from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and their team to visit our company for guidance and technical exchange, and jointly witness the success of our cooperation project, and the successful completion of the 15-meter special ultra-long Flexible Printed Circuit Boards.
After receiving the project requirements of the ultra-long Flexible PCBs from Dr. Li and Dr. Wang, Capel company organized a technical team. Through detailed technical communication with Dr. Li and Dr. Wang, we understood the detailed needs of the customers. Through internal technical discussion and analysis, the technical team formulated a detailed production plan. Special extra long Flex PCBs of 15 meters were successfully produced.
Successfully witnessed the application of a 15-meter long flexible Printed Circuit Boards in the innovative transformable ultrasonic transducer Aerospace. that can be bent approximately 4000 times with a testing bend radius of 0.5 mm. The folding process of this flexiblecircuit board can be precisely controlled to achieve various forms, which are critical for the transforming process of Aerospace.
The success of this Flexible PCBs marks another breakthrough in our technology, and the production capacity of the company has been greatly improved, which has accumulated valuable experience for the production of the company.

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Post time: Aug-10-2023
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