PCB Solutions for Multi-layer Flexible Circuit Board in Aerospace Model Aircraft

Case Analysis--Reliable FPC Solutions for 2 Layer Flexible Circuit Board in Intelligent Model Aircraft

Technical requirements
Product type Multilayer Pcb Board
Number of layer 2 Layers
Line width and
line spacing
Board thickness 0.15mm
Copper Thickness 18um
Minimum Aperture 0.15MM
Flame Retardant 94v0
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold
Resistance Welding Color Yellow
Stiffness FR4,PI.
Functional testing AOI/four-wire/continuity/copper slices
Application Industry Aerospace
Application Device  Intelligent Model Aircraft
Reliable FPC Solutions for 2 Layer Flexible Circuit Board in Intelligent Model Aircraft

2 Layers flexible PCB board

Reliable FPC Solutions for 2 Layer Flexible Circuit Board in Intelligent Model Aircraft

Intelligent Model Aircraft

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality solutions for your 2-layer flex circuit board needs in the aerospace industry? Our multi-layer PCB boards are your best choice, specially designed for smart model aircraft applications.

Our 2-layer flex circuit boards are expertly designed to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry. Our PCB boards have line width and line spacing of 0.075/0.1mm, board thickness of 0.15mm, and copper thickness of 18um, providing excellent performance and reliability in the most demanding environments.

In addition to meeting industry standards, our multi-layer PCB boards have a minimum hole diameter of 0.15mm and a flame retardant rating of 94V0, ensuring optimal safety and performance. The immersion gold surface treatment not only increases the aesthetics of the circuit board, but also provides excellent solderability and corrosion resistance.

The core of our 2-layer flex circuit boards is the use of premium materials such as FR4 and PI, which offer superior stiffness and durability. This allows our boards to withstand the rigors of aerospace applications, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

In addition to technical specifications, our multi-layer PCB boards are designed to simplify installation and maintenance. The yellow resistance welding color provides clear visibility, making it easier to work with the board during assembly and repair.

Our multi-layer PCB boards are customized for aerospace industry applications where precision and reliability are critical. Whether used in flight control systems, communications equipment, or other critical equipment, our motherboards are engineered to deliver superior performance and durability.

In short, our 2-layer flexible circuit boards provide reliable solutions for the aerospace industry, especially the field of smart model aircraft. With their rugged construction, high-quality materials and superior performance characteristics, our circuit boards are well-equipped to meet the unique needs of aerospace applications.

If you need a reliable FPC solution for 2-layer flexible circuit boards in smart aircraft models, then our high-quality multi-layer PCB boards are your best choice. With their outstanding performance, durability and safety features, our circuit boards are ideal for aerospace applications. Experience the difference with our multilayer PCB boards and take your aerospace projects to new heights.



                                                   WHY CHOOSE OUR CAPEL

Shenzhen Capel Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production of high-end, high-precision flexible circuit boards since 2009.

We have 15 years of professional and technical experience and have mature, excellent, and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

We are able to provide customized 1-30 layer flexible circuit boards,2-32 layer rigid-flex PCBs, and 1-60 layers rigid PCBs to customers in the Automotive Industry.


Capel’s Service:

Support Custom 1-30 Layer FPC Flexible PCB,2-32 Layer Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards,1-60 Layer Rigid PCBHigh-Precision HDI BoardsReliable Quick Turn PCB PrototypingFast Turn SMT PCB Assembly

Industry We Service:

Medical Devices, IOT, TUT, UAV, Aviation, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Military, Aerospace, Industrial Control, Artificial Intelligence, EV, etc…



Category Process Capability Category Process Capability
Production Type Single layer FPC / Double layers FPC
Multi-layer FPC / Aluminum PCBs
Rigid-Flex PCB
Layers Number 1-30 layers FPC Flexible PCB
2-32 layers Rigid-FlexPCB1-60 layers Rigid PCBHDI Boards
Max Manufacture Size Single layer FPC 4000mm
Double layers FPC 1200mm
Multi-layer FPC 750mm
Rigid-Flex PCB 750mm
Insulating Layer Thickness 27.5um /37.5/ 50um /65/ 75um / 100um /
125um / 150um
Board Thickness FPC 0.06mm - 0.4mm
Rigid-Flex PCB 0.25 - 6.0mm
Tolerance of PTH Size ±0.075mm
Surface Finish Immersion Gold/Immersion
Silver/Gold Plating/Tin Plating/OSP
Stiffener FR4 / PI / PET / SUS / PSA/Alu
Semicircle Orifice Size Min 0.4mm Min Line Space/ width 0.045mm/0.045mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.03mm Impedance 50Ω-120Ω
Copper Foil Thickness 9um/12um / 18um / 35um / 70um/100um Impedance Controlled Tolerance ±10%
Tolerance of NPTH Size ±0.05mm The Min Flush Width 0.80mm
Min Via Hole 0.1mm Implement Standard GB / IPC-650 / IPC-6012 / IPC-6013II /
Immersion Gold AU 0.025-0.075UM /NI1-4UM Electro nickel gold AU 0.025-25.4UM / NI 1-25.4UM
Certifications UL and ROHS
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
Patents model patents
invention patents

pcb design


                        8 layer HDI  Flexible PCBs for Medical                                              10 layer Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards for Aerospace


flexible pcb design

                                    4 layer Flex PCB Circuits for Industry Control                                 16 layer Rigid Flexible PCBs for Automotive



Advanced process equipment:

We have the latest and most advanced production equipment and technology, including high-precision photolithography machines, etching machines, assembly equipment, etc. These

equipment ensure the precision, efficiency, and stability of the production process, thereby providing customers with high-quality products. quality product. High-quality flexible circuit board products. 

Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Process

Strict quality control:

Our company puts quality control first and implements a series of strict quality control measures throughout the entire production process. Every step from the selection and procurement

of raw materials to production and packaging is comprehensively inspected and tested to ensure that every flexible circuit board product meets the highest standards.

Efficient production management:

We have an efficient production management system to optimize the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. With rich production experience, we can quickly respond to customer needs and ensure timely delivery.

Perfect after-sales service:

We are customer-centric and provide perfect after-sales service. Whether it is solving problems during product use or providing technical support and repair services, we can respond in a timely manner and provide solutions. By using these phrases, you can effectively demonstrate the company's strength and advantages in the flexible circuit board production process, thereby gaining the trust and recognition of customers.


quality control for pcb


We can provide customers with high-quality rapid prototyping, reliable rapid mass production, and fast delivery to help their projects enter the market quickly and smoothly and gain competitive advantages.

Strong supply chain management:

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of high-quality suppliers to ensure timely access to high-quality raw materials. At the same time, we have an efficient supply chain management team that can fully control the supply status of raw materials, ensure that materials are in place on time, and support rapid production and delivery.

Flexible production planning:

We adopt an advanced production planning system that can quickly adjust and schedule according to customer needs. Whether it is prototype production or large-scale production, we can flexibly allocate resources to complete production in a short time and ensure on-time delivery.

Efficient process flow:

We have an efficient manufacturing process and strictly plan and control the entire process from order receipt to product shipment. By optimizing the production process, improving production efficiency, and implementing quality control measures, we can quickly manufacture and deliver products to ensure the smooth start of our customers' projects.

Quick response:

We attach great importance to customer needs and are able to respond quickly and adjust production and scheduling accordingly. Whether it's an urgent order or an unexpected situation, we can make decisions quickly and take appropriate measures to ensure timely delivery.

Reliable logistics management:

We cooperate with a number of professional logistics companies to ensure that goods are delivered to customers safely and timely. We have a complete logistics management process and warehousing system that can accurately track transportation status and ensure on-time delivery.

delivery time

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