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Product Type: 2 layer Flex PCB
Applications: LED light
Material: PI,Copper,adhesive
Line width and line spacing:0.2mm/0.2mm
Board thickness:0.2mm +/- 0.03mm
Minimum hole:0.1mm
Surface Treatment:ENIG 2-3uin


Tolerance tolerance:±0.1MM

Capel’s Service:

Support Custom 1-30 Layer FPC Flexible PCB,2-32 Layer Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards,1-60 Layer Rigid PCB,HDI PCB,Reliable Quick Turn PCB Prototyping,Fast Turn SMT PCB Assembly

Industry We Service:

Medical Device, IOT, TUT, UAV, Aviation, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Military, Aerospace, Industrial Control, Artificial Intelligence, EV, etc…

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 Customers usually care about the following issues during the LED PCB board design and manufacturing process:

-Capel with 15 years of professional technical experience-

Question: How to ensure optimal circuit layout in LED PCB circuit design? Solution: Circuit board engineers can use professional software for layout and routing to minimize circuit interference and optimize circuit performance.

Question: How to ensure that the LED Light PCB board design meets the thermal management needs of the product? Solution: Engineers can use thermally conductive materials (such as aluminum substrates) and heat sink designs to ensure that LED components are effectively dissipated and improve product reliability and performance.

Question: How to choose suitable materials for LED printed circuit boards? Solution: Engineers can select appropriate materials based on the product's environmental conditions and expected performance, such as FR-4 fiberglass boards, metal substrates, etc.

Question: How to ensure that the electrical performance and EMI/EMC of LED light circuit boards comply with standards? Solution: Engineers can conduct electromagnetic compatibility testing, take shielding measures, and use filters and other methods in the design to ensure that the circuit complies with relevant standards.

Customers usually care about the following issues during the LED PCB board design and manufacturing process

Question: How does multi-layer PCB for LED ensure durability and reliability? Solution: Engineers can perform reliability analysis such as MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) calculations and adopt appropriate tests and materials to improve the durability of the Led Flex Pcb board.

Question: How to ensure that the optical layout meets the effect requirements? Solution: Engineers can use optical software to perform optical simulations and optimize the optical layout to meet the lighting effect requirements of the product.

Question: How to ensure that the manufacturing cost of LED strip flexible PCB is controlled within a reasonable range? Solution: Engineers can conduct DFM (design for manufacturing) reviews, optimize designs to reduce manufacturing costs, and select appropriate manufacturing processes and processes.

Question: How to carry out mass production and process verification of aluminum led rigid flex PCB? Solution: Engineers can choose reliable manufacturers for sample manufacturing and verification, and conduct process review and verification before mass production.

Question: How to ensure the maintainability and repairability of smd led pcb board? Solution: Engineers can design simple and effective circuit structures and component layouts to facilitate later maintenance and repairs.

Question: How to ensure that LED strip rigid-flex PCB complies with relevant regulatory standards and environmental protection requirements? Solution: Engineers can select materials that meet environmental requirements and certification standards, and conduct environmental certification and testing to ensure that the LED PCB complies with relevant regulations and standards.

Capel Flexible PCB & Rigid-Flex PCB Process  Capability

Category Process Capability Category Process Capability
Production Type Single layer FPC / Double layers FPC
Multi-layer FPC / Aluminum PCBs
Rigid-Flex PCB
Layers Number 1-30 layers FPC
2-32 layers Rigid-FlexPCB                                                            1-60 layers Rigid PCB
HDI Boards
Max Manufacture Size Single layer FPC 4000mm
Double layers FPC 1200mm
Multi-layers FPC 750mm
Rigid-Flex PCB 750mm
Insulating Layer
27.5um /37.5/ 50um /65/ 75um / 100um /
125um / 150um
Board Thickness FPC 0.06mm - 0.4mm
Rigid-Flex PCB 0.25 - 6.0mm
Tolerance of PTH
Surface Finish Immersion Gold/Immersion
Silver/Gold Plating/Tin Plating/OSP
Stiffener FR4 / PI / PET / SUS / PSA/Alu
Semicircle Orifice Size Min 0.4mm Min Line Space/ width 0.045mm/0.045mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.03mm Impedance 50Ω-120Ω
Copper Foil Thickness 9um/12um / 18um / 35um / 70um/100um Impedance
Tolerance of NPTH
±0.05mm The Min Flush Width 0.80mm
Min Via Hole 0.1mm Implement
GB / IPC-650 / IPC-6012 / IPC-6013II /

Capel manufactures customized high-precision Rigid Flexible Circuit Board / Flexible PCB / HDI PCB with 15 years of experience with our professionalism

2 Layers Double-sided Fpc Pcb + Pure Nickel Sheet applicated in New Energy Battery

2 Layer Flexible PCB Boards Stackup

Fast Turn 4 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB Boards Manufacturing For Bluetooth Hearing Aid Online

4 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB Stackup

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8 layer HDI PCBs

Testing and Inspection Equipment


Microscope Testing


AOI Inspection


2D Testing


Impedance Testing


RoHS Testing


Flying Probe


Horizontal Tester


Bending Teste

Capel provide customers customized PCB Service with 15 years of experience

  • Owning 3 factories for Flexible PCB&Rigid-Flex PCB, Rigid PCB, DIP/SMT Assembly;
  • 300+Engineers Provide technical support for Pre-sales and after-sales online;
  • 1-30 layers FPC, 2-32 layers Rigid-FlexPCB, 1-60 layers Rigid PCB
  • HDI Boards, Flexible PCB (FPC), Rigid-Flex PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, Single-sided PCB, Double-Sided Circuit Boards, Hollow Boards, Rogers PCB, rf PCB, Metal Core PCB, Special Process Boards, Ceramic PCB, Aluminum PCB, SMT & PTH Assembly, PCB Prototype Service.
  • Provide 24-hour PCB Prototyping service,Small Batches of circuit boards will be delivered in 5-7 days, Mass Production of PCB boards will be delivered in 2-3 weeks;
  • Industries we service: Medical Devices, IOT, TUT, UAV, Aviation, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Military, Aerospace, Industrial Control, Artificial Intelligence, EV, etc…
  • Our Production Capacity:
    FPC and Rigid-Flex PCBs production capacity can reach more than 150000sqm per month,
    PCB production capacity can reach 80000sqm per month,
    PCB Assembling capacity at 150,000,000 components per month.
  • Our teams of engineers and researchers are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements with precision and professionalism.
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How Capel ensures superior performance and reliability of rigid-flex PCBs

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