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Short Description:

Product application: Automotive

Board Layers: 16 layer

Base material: FR4

Inner Cu thickness: 18

Outer Cu thickness: 35um

Solder mask color: Green

Silkscreen color: White

Surface treatment: LF HASL

PCB thickness: 2.0mm +/-10%

Min Line width/space: 0.2/0.15m

Min hole: 0.35mm

Blind hole: Yes

Buried hole: Yes

Hole tolerance(nu): PTH: 土0.076, NTPH: 0.05


Product Detail

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PCB  Process  Capability

No. Project Technical  indicators
1 Layer 1-60(layer)
2 Maximum processing area 545 x 622 mm
3 Minimumboardthickness 4(layer)0.40mm
6(layer) 0.60mm
8(layer) 0.8mm
4 Minimum line width 0.0762mm
5 Minimum spacing 0.0762mm
6 Minimum mechanical aperture 0.15mm
7 Hole wall copper thickness 0.015mm
8 Metallized aperture tolerance ±0.05mm
9 Non-metallized aperture tolerance ±0.025mm
10 Hole tolerance ±0.05mm
11 Dimensional tolerance ±0.076mm
12 Minimum solder bridge 0.08mm
13 Insulation resistance 1E+12Ω(normal)
14 Plate thickness ratio 1:10
15 Thermal shock 288 ℃(4 times in 10 seconds)
16 Distorted and bent ≤0.7%
17 Anti-electricity strength >1.3KV/mm
18 Anti-stripping  strength 1.4N/mm
19 Solder resist hardness ≥6H
20 Flame retardancy 94V-0
21 Impedance control ±5%

We do Multilayer PCBs prototyping with 15 years' experience with our professionalism

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4 layer Flex-Rigid Boards

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8 layer Rigid-Flex PCBs

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8 layer HDI PCBs

Testing and Inspection Equipment


Microscope Testing


AOI Inspection


2D Testing


Impedance Testing


RoHS Testing


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Our Multilayer PCBs prototyping Service

. Provide technical support Pre-sales and after-sales;
. Custom up to 40 layers, 1-2days Quick turn reliable prototyping, Component procurement, SMT Assembly;
. Caters to both Medical Device, Industrial Control, Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, IOT, UAV, Communications etc..
. Our teams of engineers and researchers are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements with precision and professionalism.

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Multilayer PCB provides advanced technical support in the automotive field

1. Car entertainment system: multi-layer PCB can support more audio, video and wireless communication functions, thus providing a richer car entertainment experience. It can accommodate more circuit layers, meet various audio and video processing needs, and support high-speed transmission and wireless connection functions, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.

2. Safety system: multi-layer PCB can provide higher safety performance and reliability, and is applied to automobile active and passive safety systems. It can integrate various sensors, control units and communication modules to realize functions such as collision warning, automatic braking, intelligent driving, and anti-theft. The design of multi-layer PCB ensures fast, accurate and reliable communication and coordination among various safety system modules.

3. Driving assistance system: multi-layer PCB can provide high-precision signal processing and fast data transmission for driving assistance systems, such as automatic parking, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance systems, etc.
These systems require precise signal processing and fast data transfer. And timely perception and judgment capabilities, and the technical support of multi-layer PCB can meet these requirements.


4. Engine management system: The engine management system can use multi-layer PCB to realize precise control and monitoring of the engine.
It can integrate various sensors, actuators and control units to monitor and adjust parameters such as fuel supply, ignition timing and emission control of the engine to improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions.

5. Electric drive system: multi-layer PCB provides advanced technical support for electric energy management and power transmission of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. It can support high-power power transmission and oscillation control, improve the efficiency and reliability of the battery management system, and ensure the coordinated work of various modules in the electric drive system.

Multilayer circuit boards in the automotive field FAQ

1. Size and weight: The space in the car is limited, so the size and weight of the multilayer circuit board are also factors that need to be considered. Boards that are too large or heavy can limit the design and performance of the car, so there is a need to minimize board size and weight in the design while maintaining functionality and performance requirements.

2. Anti-vibration and impact resistance: The car will be subjected to various vibrations and impacts during driving, so the multilayer circuit board needs to have good anti-vibration and impact resistance. This requires a reasonable layout of the supporting structure of the circuit board and selection of appropriate materials to ensure that the circuit board can still work stably under harsh road conditions.

3. Environmental adaptability: The working environment of automobiles is complex and changeable, and multi-layer circuit boards need to be able to adapt to different environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials with good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and moisture resistance, and Take corresponding protective measures to ensure that the circuit board can work reliably in various environments.


4. Compatibility and interface design: Multilayer circuit boards need to be compatible and connected with other electronic devices and systems, so corresponding interface design and interface testing are required. This includes the selection of connectors, compliance with interface standards, and assurance of interface signal stability and reliability.

6. Chip packaging and programming: chip packaging and programming may be involved in multilayer circuit boards. When designing, it is necessary to consider the package form and size of the chip, as well as the interface and method of burning and programming. This ensures that the chip will be programmed and run correctly and reliably.

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